[20.09.2003] VERSION 1.1.2a Minor changes: * New FIREPASS client directive : - use HTTP proxy to resolve hostnames. Minor corrections: * A UDP protocol-related bug has been fixed in the client. [25.06.2003] VERSION 1.1.1a Major changes: * The FIREPASS client and server HTTP Basic Authorization support was added. Minor changes: * WIN bugs was fixed. [21.06.2003] VERSION 1.1.0a Major changes: * The FIREPASS server may now act as a proxy for another FIREPASS server. * A Firepass server session timeout option was added. The FIREPASS server closes session if it does not receive client HTTP request before a timeout period. * Server: config file fpserver/conf/fpserver.conf was created. Minor changes: * Some changes in the client config file: useacl, log, logf directives. [31.05.2003] VERSION 1.0.2a Minor corrections: * A bug in the fpclient script that caused child processes to stay in the 'defunct' state after termination was fixed. [19.05.2003] VERSION 1.0.1a * The first FIREPASS public release, alpha version.