$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.15 2003/08/29 10:11:51 simsim Exp $ v0.1.8 (29/08/2003) : ** Minor changes : * Rewrote some of the documentation files and README. * Moved the CCTT project page from entreelibre.com to gray-world.net * Removed the html part from the tarball. ** Minor corrections : * Fixed a bug related to the basic_ident identification method. v0.1.7 (09/06/2003) : ** Major changes : * A lot of major changes, some are : Rewriting of the identification and service request functions. All of the read/write calls are done into the do_xxx_deencode.c functions. * The server part now automatically kills the quiet connections after a configurable msecs delay. * A new channel mode was added which mimic the HTTP protocol (http_post and http_post_proxy). * CCTT was builded successfully under Win32 with Cygwin. ** Minor corrections : * Fixed the S9 bug which displayed when using 'show connections' for a reverse proxy mode client. * The server socket was binded after dropping privileges resulting in a segfault when the binded port was under 1024. This bug is fixed * Fixed an undocumented bug which removed the last character of a configuration file when this file was not ended by a carriage return. * Fixed an undocumented bug which displayed 'reversed' for each element of the proxy list in the server part (show params). * Fixed an undocumented bug which segfaulted a CCTT client in proxy mode (-a) when the configured port to use was already opened by another process. * Fixed the B6 bug for the reverse proxy mode : I checked it tunneling a SSH trafic. v0.1.6 (13/05/2003) : ** Major Changes : * Created a discussion board dedicated to CCTT on http://www.gray-world.net (Alex DYATLOV). ** Minor Changes : * Added links to the gray-world.net website and discussion boards. v0.1.5 (22/04/2003) : ** Major changes : * Rewrote debug, error and verbose functions. * Corrected the code/decode functions. * Removed the socket_encode_A channel and the related ident. * Added a new command line flag : -z => CCTT now implements the reverse proxy-mode functionnality. => Updated the docs and manuals. * Added an example about the reverse proxy-mode concept. ** Minor changes : * Removed all printf calls to use appropriate functions. * Removed the OPT_VERBOSE flag from the main code, it is used in cctt_verbose(). * Removed the OPT_DEBUG flag from the main code, it is used in cctt_debug(). * Updated the LISEZMOI.developpeurs to explain how debug calls are done. * Added a summary in the LISEZMOI.developpeurs file. * Moved channel_do_socket_encode_* functions in a lonely one : channel_do_socket(). * Moved channel_do_socket_http_proxy_* functions in a lonely one : channel_do_socket_http_proxy(). * Removed some variables from include/defintions.h that were in include/configuration.h * Added diagram pictures to the html exemples files. ** Minor corrections : * Fixed a few bug related to the proxy list in the server part. * Fixed a bug (?) related to the temporary buffer used in the server part (look at do_server.c). * Added a few debug messages. * Updated doc/fr/LISEZMOI (and translated files) : Changed II. A) and II. F). --------------------- v0.1.4 (26/03/2003) : ** Major changes : * Russian translation for the v0.1.4 release (Alex DYATLOV). * Configure.in updated for Mac OS X, v10.2. ** Minor changes : * Added a diagram on the website (Alex DYATLOV). ** Minor corrections : * Corrected examples files settings errors when using proxy servers. --------------------- v0.1.3 (14/02/2003) : ** Major changes : * Automake/Autoconf support (Olivier DEMBOUR). * English translation for the v0.1.3 release (Hadi EL-KHOURY and Simon CASTRO). ** Minor changes : * Added an html page for the exemples. * Changed the website design. ** Minor corrections : * Updated the README.developpeurs file. * .h configuration moved from includes/definitions.h to includes/ configuration.h --------------------- v0.1.2 (24/01/2003) : ** Major new functionnalities : * New directive : HTTP_PROXY_CHAIN => HTTP Proxy chain (CONNECT method) support. * When reading on a socket, server now stores data in a temporary buffer during a configurable delay. => Solves the problem of identification/request data in multiple read buffers. * New directive : CHANNEL_PROXY_DEL => allow setting timeout when using the CONNECT method. * New Channel type : client_only_with_http_proxy. * New directive : FAKE_WEBSERVER. ** Major corrections : * Rewriting of identification/proxy_request functions. Now sending a char * instead of a struct (:<). * A lot of corrections... ** Minor corrections : * HTTP proxy can now send responses in multiple buffers. * args.c : the umask is now correct. * Debug mode is now debug or ultra-debug. * Added and corrected some parts of the documentation files. * README.developpeurs explains the code better :). --------------------- v0.1.1 (18/01/2003) : ** Major new functionnalities : * UDP Protocol support for socket, socket_encode and socket_encode_A channels. * New directive in the server configuration file : PROXY_ONLY. * New directive in the server configuration file : PERM_USER_GROUP. * New directive in the server configuration file : PERM_CHROOT. * Added a legal notice in the LISEZMOI and Manuel files. * Added an exemples file explaining some means of using CCTT. * Command Line flag -l now saves the reverse-shell sessions. ** Minor corrections : * Functions definitions are now in a single file. * bzero calls have now a sizeof argument. * malloc calls are now (type) malloc (length). * server->client 'debug' call telling that identification is ok is now correct and added in send_proxy_list_and_close. * Moving some read/write calls to recvmsg/sendto calls. * Syslog Facilities/Priorities are now configurable in includes/ definitions.h. * Server now sends its initialization parameters to the syslog even if the verbose option isn't set. * Added a FAQ. * Update the documentation (doc, conf and man) along with the website.